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Just a few years back, I was practicing and welding all the procedures and a few short years later, after lots of hard work, I own Van Dam Industries. We specialize in mobile welding, fabrication and millwrighting across Ontario. Weldtech has been a huge part of that

Patrick Van Dam

[At Weldtech] You learn what you want, you take away what you want, but you leave feeling accomplished. In the industry, there are a lot of women. Being a beginner, you may feel like you don’t know much. But, once you go through the program and you’re given all the tools you need, you walk out with your head held high, knowing you are equipped for this

Merilda Jolicoe

I can take my welding anywhere. Every single day, perfecting my welds has been really beneficial. It makes me a confident welder and gets me excited for my career

Alton Gonzalez

We give students a foundation to get a running start in the field. Lessons are twenty percent in the class, eighty percent in the shop. We spark that passion so that once they get into the field, they take it and run with it and find success in the future. There are tons of job opportunities out there and such high demand

Adam Pike

I love welding. I love the industry. I love the opportunities. It’s an amazing career to get into. There’s so much to learn and so much opportunity. At the end of the day you just have to come see it for yourself

Gavin Bhoonauth
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