I learned about Weltech during a trades career fair and did some research into the welding profession in the Spring of 2013. Weltech offered a comprehensive 7 week course with a strong focus on the major welding techniques, personal instruction, small class sizes, and hands on training. Weltech had a good reputation within the welding community. I enrolled for their summer course and was very pleased with the quality of instruction and curriculum within the program. The instructors were very supportive and experienced.

I successfully completed their course and would highly recommend their training facility. I was able to find full-time employment with a large company as a welder shortly after graduation and look forward to a successful career in the field.

Training Leads To Full Time Employment | Andrew Humphreys

I just finished the Combination Welding Program in Weldtech Training which lasted 7 weeks. The program contained : GMAW , SMAW, GTAW, and blueprint reading.

To begin with, I would like to mention that there were eight students in our class and we were taught by four instructors : Mr. Jim, Mr. Phill, Mr. Evan and Mr. Gary. We were given great attention from the instructors. The instructors have huge knowledge and experience in the field , fully certified and very tolerant .

To continue , I would like to emphasize that most of our time we spent in the shop practicing the welding process , making mistakes and finding solutions. This makes this course unique because it is known that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. However , we had very interesting theory classes as well and in order to fix the information we got a theory test.

In addition , I have to mention that all staff in Weldtech Training has great humor and treat each other as a family. There is a kitchen where you can get some cookies and fresh coffee during the brake and lunch time . FRIDAY is a special day – bunch of tasty donuts. To be honest , I loved that day very much .

Finally, I would definitely state that Weldtech Training is the best school and it was a pleasure that I had an opportunity to be one of their students. I really appreciate their work and I wish them all the best.

Satisfied Student From Kazakstan | Radik

I went to Weldtech to take the welder combo course with FluxCore added on to do some upgrading and recertify. Previously, in 1998, I went to a different school and wasted 6 months and a small fortune. At my previous school, all I learned was how to pass a T.S.S.A. welding test.

After 15 years of wasting time in go nowhere jobs in fly by night shops I decided to go to Weldtech to further my skills. From the initial consultation with Phillip until the last day of my course, the experience was awesome. Everything from the quality of machinery to the cleanliness of the shop made me feel that this course is worth every cent.

The instructors are top notch and the small class sizes made it extremely easy to take my trade to the next level. Whenever I ran into an issue, either Phill, Evan, Gary or Jim was there to show me what I was doing wrong and how to improve my final product. The amount of experience the instructors have and varying areas that they have worked in allow them to really train you in a more efficient, yet quality manner than you would think possible.

I really enjoyed the projects that we did because it allowed us to be able to transfer what we had learned as opposed to just learning how to burn a CWB test plate. This course is well worth the money. The theory was taught in a manner that made it easy to grasp, and apply to what we were doing. After 7 weeks I left school with 13 tickets. MIG flat-Mild steel, FluxCore all position- Mild Steel (I added this on to my program, but it was well worth every cent), Stick All position- Mild Steel ( I added on overhead to my program, but once again well worth the money) and TIG All position Stainless Steel.

Over and above the certification I also developed a working knowledge of MIG and TIG Aluminium, Air/Carbon Arc gouging and MIG/Stick/FluxCore Stainless steel. Jim also taught me how to MIG vertical up, not an easy thing to master. Proper use of plasma and Oxy/Fuel cutting, heat treatment, and hands on instruction in both destructive and non-destructive inspection methods e.g. macro-etch and liquid penetrant inspection, shop safety and machinery use and finally cast iron repair. So if you want to start your journey in the welding trade or take some serious upgrading like I did, go to Weldtech. If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best.

Experienced Welder Starts Career Thanks to Weldtech | Joey Head


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